Q: What is the minimum thickness required, what is the service limit...

A:as a general rule of thumb, we always looked at the backing plate of the drum or pads, and if the brake material was the same thickness or less as the backing p...Read More »

Q: How do you ajust service brake on honda civic saloon p-reg?

A:They are self adjusting but cables stretch so may need to take up the excess, that said a brake overhaul would be a good thing to do. Source(s) auto engineer.Read More »

Q: 2004 Honda Accord: serviced.My brakes.going down hill.45 mph.

A:Hi, The most common reason for brake pulsation is warped brake rotors. The 2 most common causes of warped brake rotors are (1) overheating of rotors, or (2) whe...Read More »

Q: 2008 Honda Pilot: servicing.vibration.front drivers side brake.Ti...

A:Greetings from Mikey at Just Answer! . Wow, thats quite a story. . I agree you dodged a catastrophe. Total brake loss due to a caliper piston popping out or a...Read More »

Q: 2003 Accord EX-V6. 75,000 miles. Due for service. Brake .... Find...

A:Accepted Answer Hello To know for sure what is causing the light to come on the codes for the tcs system will need to be checked a couple of common causes are t...Read More »

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