Q: What's up with the U by Kotex tampons?

A:The U by Kotex tampons extend : so you have to pull the two parts apart until you hear a click.Read More »

Q: Are the U by Kotex Tampons reliable?

A:The U by kotex feature a unique extra absorbent zone at the base to help ensureRead More »

Q: Where can you buy u by kotex tampons?

A:You can buy Kotex tampons at most stores such as Walmart, Target or just about a...Read More »

Q: Are U by Kotex tampons good?

A:They aren't the absolute best, but they definitely are fine and safe to use, they come in tons of different variations, and are pretty colors! Always and Playte...Read More »

Q: Well i kinda want to try tampons so i did and it felt okay at fir...

A:They can be irritating when you're not on your period, so it's really only a good idea to use them when you have your period. If one brand hurts, try to find on...Read More »

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