Q: How to Stop Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo

A:Choose when you want to stop taking the pill. You can choose to stop your pills in the middle of a cycle, or you can wait until the withdrawal bleed at the end ...Read More »

Q: When to Start Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo

A:Sunday Start The Sunday start helps you remember to start your new pack at the same time each week. It helps you develop a concise and consistent cycle that you...Read More »

Q: How effective is ortho tri cyclen lo?

A:According to the product information sheet, it is 99% effective, much like other birth control pills. However, this depends on taking the pill at the same time ...Read More »

Q: How effective is ortho tri-cyclen lo

A:The Pill is 99.9% effective when taken at the same time every day. ... ...MORE...Read More »

Q: How effective is ortho tri-cyclen lo?

A:The Pill is 99.9% effective when taken at the same time every day. Keep those qu...Read More »

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