Q: Do all stores accept free printable coupons for groceries from th...

A:No all stores dont accept free printable coupons for groceries because they say their store have their own special kind of coupons so sometimes they dont take t...Read More »

all coupons printable

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Can I get a "Free" brake inspection and not have the work done?
the coupons are allways intended to lure you in and find something which will be to make money out of you. so be prepared for the free inspection to be a ,you must do this and that and it,s not safe to drive unless you let them do any work. so how to tell if you really need the brakes worked...

What real return rate is earned by a one year investor in a $1000 bond purchase,8% coupon rate & $960 selling?
Since you have a 8% coupon rate, you are getting an 8% annual rate of return from the bond value. You paid $1000 for the bond. Got $80 in interest ($1000 * .08)after that one year. Sold the bond for $960. So after one year, you have $1040. (-$1000 bond payment + $80 interest + $960 selling)...

What websites/companies have good online coupons?
Borders (the book store) do - my uncle uses them all the time Go to this website - (it has lots of different comapnies coupons on it, i have only used a few of them) Coupons ...?
You can easily do a search in Google search engine. Key in "Godaddy coupons" and you should get some good websites that display godaddy discount coupons.

Does anyone know any coupon codes for
Hi, is probably the best and cheapest way to book a room. Through my experiences, my wife and I have been on vacation, had trouble with a particular hotel (delays on the room availability and running water in the bathroom) and we contacted and they credited us part of...