Q: Alka Seltzer Coupon ?

A:I have 1 -$1/1 tearpad type coupon for any Alka Seltzer Plus 'Cold Medicine that I found on a tearpad today. It was the only one left. I realize there will be n...Read More »

Q: How to make alka seltzer?

A:1. First, place one to two tablespoons of vinegar into a cup of water. Stir this mixture. 2. Next, add a desired amount of baking soda. This depends on how bad ...Read More »

Q: How to Clean With Alka Seltzer.

A:1. Fill a dirty coffeemaker with water. Insert four Alka Seltzer tablets and let them fizzle and dissolve in the water. 2. Turn the coffeemaker on and run the b...Read More »

Q: What is alka seltzer used for?

A:Alka-Seltzer is used for upset stomach, acid indigestion and headache.Read More »

Q: What is in alka-seltzer?

A:Alka-Seltzer is a combination of aspirin, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid, designed to treat pain and simultaneously neutralize excess stomach acid.Read More »

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