Q: Does anyone have Similac/ Similac Alimentum coupons or checks? it is a website where you can trade baby stuff.......start saving ALL your baby coupons that you don't use and you can try to trade them f...Read More »

Q: Does anyone have Similac/ Similac Alimentum coupons or checks?

A:i have some $5 Similac checks that come in the mail on occasion, but they have my name on them and stuff.... does that matter when you have to redeem them? actu...Read More »

Q: Where can I get coupons for Similac Alimentum is this for a human...

A:It's easy for sensitive babies to digest because its protein is broken down into tiny pieces to virtually eliminate allergic reactions in most babies who are al...Read More »

Q: Anyone have any coupons or checks for Similac Alimentum?

A:Cute babies! That stuff is twice as much as any other formula, it's outrageous! I would sign up on Similac's website and indicate which kind you use. They will ...Read More »

alimentum coupons

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So my daughter has been put on similac alimentum and the price of this stuff.-I have called similac and asked them to send me out coupons if .
Alimentum is helping but very expensive for us. Been trying to find coupons. The random manufacturers check barely scratches surface.
Where can I find a coupon code for Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic.Yes - this site is where I ve found the best coupon codes for Similac .
You are biding on 6 cans of similac alimentum formula each can is 8 oz and not expired.u also get 5 coupons of $2.This baby formula is not expired.the .
Alimentum is a specialized formula with proteins that have been extensively hydrolyzed. This formula is coupons information booklets
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