Q: How much is an airboat ride in everglades of south florida?

A:You can go to the Eveglades Alligator Farm for $19 and get a free airboat ride. It is like a small theme park where you can see lots of alligators! Not sure exa...Read More »

Q: What is the cheapest and best place to go on an airboat ride in E...

A:Sawgrass Recreation Park offersRead More »

Q: What is the address to speedy johnson's airboat tours in everglad...

A:Speedy Johnson's Fun Cruise isRead More »

Q: Everglades Airboat Tours Near Florida City.

A:The Everglades that border Florida City are packed not only with sawgrass but red mangroves, which are trees that look like they're propped up on roots that sti...Read More »

Q: If you take an airboat ride in the Everglades. is that safe?

A:As long as you don't try to feed the aligators. . . Just on the news this week - one airboat guide just had his hand betten off by an aligator while feeding the...Read More »

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A great way to explore the swampy, mystifying beauty of the Everglades is at Everglades Safari Park.Very nice and unusual experience on the air boat. Julie L .
Special Offers - Discounts. Speedy s Airboat Tours - Everglades City, Florida. Image. The Florida Everglades is a "must see" natural wonder that you don t want .
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