Q: Where is Aim toothpaste manufactured?

A:In Sandy's Butt. In Sandy's Butt.Read More »

Q: How effective is Aim Toothpaste??

A:Well I am not sure you can judge toothpaste off of one person. Maybe your roommate did not brush correctly or he did not floss. Brushing but not flossing can st...Read More »

Q: Where is aim toothpaste manufactured?

A:Aim toothpaste is manufactured in Australia by Pental Products.Read More »

Q: How big is the aim toothpaste factory?

A:the Big companies lie Proctor & Gamble or Johnson & Johnson have many brands of toothpaste, a single manufacturing plant will produce many different brands.Read More »

Q: Which toothpaste is better between Aim, Ultrabrite or Pepsodent?

A:Aim and Pepsodent are made by the same company.Read More »

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