Q: Where can I find Second Act Coupons?

A:I prefer to use the coupon websiteRead More »

Q: Where can I get Second Act Coupons?

A:One of the best places to find coupons isRead More »

Q: How to redeem Mars real chocolate act coupon?

A:Its actually called.Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act' You bring your coupon to any store, select a Mars bar and hand your coupon to the cashier to get your free c...Read More »

Q: Why do Managers act like they hate coupons?

A:B.K managers get a percentage of all the sales that come thru per month. So if you have coupons that lessens the amount they get plus the resturant makes them h...Read More »

Q: In what ways can coupons for a night's stay at a hotel act as as ...

A:In no ways. A hotel coupon is an options contract that is often given out for free. The expiry date is when it goes bad. If it's a 'free' night, then the strike...Read More »

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Im starting to use coupons and i have a lot of question???? HELP HELP HELP?
Nope. The only stores in Florida that offer double coupons is Food Lion and if there are any Krogers in your area. Winn-Dixie and Publix do not offer doubles. If you are ever in doubt about a store's coupon policies, go online to their home site and the policy is posted there. It is helpful...

Does anyone have a coupon or promotion code for shopbop?
Try to get a code at they have a lot

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I try to chew gum, or suck on a hard candy. Helps at least give my mouth something to do, but doesn't add too many calories. Also, drinking enough water each day can really help curb your appetite - sometimes thirst can be mistaken by the body for hunger...and why eat calorie rich foods when...

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Paris in a week?
I would recommend you buy the Carte De Musee Monuments - a pass that allows you to enter most of the places you mention at a discount cost, allows bypassing of the queues and comes with some coupons you may find handy. They are available online via when you select the 'activities/attractions'...