Q: What stores take p&g coupons?

A:Almost any store that sells Procter & Gamble items.Read More »

Q: How do I get P&G coupons?

A:You can get P&G coupons from your local newspaper for $3 dollars. VisitRead More »

Q: How to Get P&G brandSaver Coupons.

A:1. Visit the P&G website. The brandSaver website provides you with two important pieces of information regarding the upcoming coupon booklet: the expected amoun...Read More »

Q: What is the tv coupon code for p owers?

A:The TV coupon code for is Fox and Laura.Read More »

Q: Where can you use P and G brandSaver coupons?

A:I only know that you can use them at Target I do not know of another place to use them.Read More »

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Can you use manufacturers coupons at discount grocery stores like aldis or save a lot?
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