Q: Where can i find some coupons for crest whitening strips 3d becau...

A:Hi. If you sign up at the Crest website, you might be able to get a coupon that way: Many companies offer coupons on their ...Read More »

Q: When to apply crest 3D whitening strips?

A:Yes its better to put them on at night. Source(s) Experience.Read More »

Q: How much do Crest Whitening 3d strips cost in Missouri?

A:One package containing 56 dental strips. Guaranteed to giveRead More »

Q: How much do the crest 3d whitening strips cost?

A:You can buy Crest 3D White Vivid Whitestrips at Target stores forRead More »

Q: Why did crest 3D whitening strips turn your gums white?

A:The peroxide is a chemical which bleaches the teeth as well as gums if it comes in contact with them. You are not supposed to put the strips on your gums, but i...Read More »

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