Q: How was 1/20 of one cent determined as the cash value of a coupon...

A:Cecil from The Straight Dope answered this in the late 70's saying that Coupons are given a cash value in order to comply with laws in a few states that classif...Read More »

Q: Why are coupons worth 1/20th of a cent?

A:Legally they have to assign value to the coupon for it to be handled under law...Read More »

Q: What are you paying the extra 20-30-40 cents per gallon for when ...

A:I swear by Shell's 93 octane "V-Power" fuel. A few years ago I spent a few months evaluating my engines performance and my vehicles fuel economy for 4 different...Read More »

Q: Why has gas gone down 20 cents a gallon in two days

A:Gas prices have been dropping all over the country as the price for... ...MORE...Read More »

Q: Why is gas always 20 to 30 cents cheaper in Franklin and Russellv...

A:Blame houchens industries. They own every gas station in bg and surrounding areas. Their only competition raises their prices to follow. It's pathetic but no ci...Read More »

20 cent gas coupons mn

Get the best top rated gas coupons and most recent gas coupon for AL,AK,AR,AZ .6/5/2014 New MN 20 cents off per gallon of gas coupon and a 10 cent off per .
Gas coupons for cents-off-per-gallon at Shoreview BP in Shoreview, MN on Hodgson.Gas Coupon: 20-Cents Off Gallon of Gas w/ Any Car Wash Purchase.
7/24/2014 NEW GAS COUPONS! Including 20 Cents Off Per Gallon IS BACK (UP TO 50 Gallons!) GO TO Coupons and .
5 days ago . SA s policy is Fuel Coupons ( Coupons ) must be original, no copied coupons will be accepted.Or better yet, go back to 20 cent coupons!
Get our coupons today for Falcon Heights BP in Minnesota. Sign up for BP.Gas Coupon: 20-Cents Off Gallon of Gas w/ Any Car Wash Purchase. Gas Coupon .
EXXON. Restaurants | Minneapolis, from EXXON in Minneapolis. coupon.Gas Coupon: 20-Cents Off Gallon of Gas w/ Any Car Wash Purchase.
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