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Anyone in the Houston area know if there are Houston Renaissance Festival coupons anywhere?
Nope thats the average price. You should have gone the first weekend because then the tickets were only 11 dollars.

Yeast infection help?
What has happened to you is typical result from antibiotic use. Antibiotics kill ALL bacteria, not just bad, so your good bacteria has been depleted leaving a perfect environment for yeast to flourish. The first and most important treatment is to stop eating sugar, which feeds yeast. (Don't...

Century 21 printable coupons?
try this link

What to get him for his first father's day?
I'm lost this year too but I'm on year 7 of the Father's Day gift~ I'm not sure what your budget is~ I've done everything from a kingsize bed, flat screen TV to making his fav meal & then serving his mom's apple pie after~ if your man works and pays the household bills pay one or some or all...

How much does a standard conventional oil change cost at firestone?
I used to get oil changes there back when I live in Texas and they were around $40- however, I recommend going on their website and printing off the $10 coupon they have on their site.