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Can anyone help me with the trivia answers and VIP codes for 99.5 The River WRVE Albany NY and other stations for 11/13/14?
mencolplaugbisnomarsninovegplajenhatpolo... box office) SNIp snap coupon app Happy) VEGetables Ultimate) PLAin bands Read) 6000 pounds Secrets) JENnifer anistao Auto) HATs Watch) POLitics 4th quarter) their bed times recipe) salted caramel sports) home run word play) befriend entertainment...

Where is the cheapest smog check shop test only in San Jose, CA?
I recommend you to go to MT Smog Test Only located on San Jose Ave. and Monterey Rd. A friend of mine referred me to here, and after trying out their service, it immediately became my favorite smog check shop. They offer a hassle free, fast, and cheap smog check test only service in San Jose...

Should I go with Toshiba Flat Screen TV or the Inisignia FSTV?
Insignia is Best Buy's house brand, meaning that a company in Asia makes these TVs specifically for Best Buy. The models are not made particularly well and there is no brand to back it up if you have a problem. I would go with the Toshiba, but shop around, you can probably get a better deal...

Can you cite an example of the most ridiculously CHEAP person you know?
I use to work for a Dr whose father and mother were BOTH drs and he was an only child. His father worked for a pharmaceutical company and helped Nutrasweet pass the FDAs guidelines to make it on the market. The drs wife is not only a psychiatrist, but also a pharmacist. One week before Mother's...

My apartment stinks. what really works?
I use Glade and Airwick plug-ins all the time and have no problem with them... However, I do clean my entire house throughly so there's no "stink".... Also, if the plug-in doesn't seem to smell anymore that's because you are used to the smell. Also, if the apt. does indeed stink you might...