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Gold Matallic Sperry Boat Shoe look alikes?
idk you could try and find a coupon

I want to promote my deli, not with coupons or flyers- in a way that is creative and sticks in ur mind, help?
cater some local events for free or pass out free samples of your delicious sandwiches to local businesses or schools.

4 day trip to New York and need help?
Times square for the largest toys r us in the me its not kiddish....its actually kool statue of liberty you can see off of battery park....tht would be free but to go to the island and be within spitting distance from for a boat tour are about $15 The...

What is the best probiotic on the market?
I have taken probiotics for years and I believe that the ones I took previously did absolutely nothing because when I started taking Dr. Ohhira's Professional Probiotics at the end of last year, they really stirred things up and I could tell they were doing something major. The brands I took...

Gov't offers $40 on a digital TV converter. Would they be cheaper if there was no gov't coupon?
when they launched digital tv here (in the uk) the receivers were about ?100 ($200) you can now get better spec receivers for approx ?15 ($30) at asda (walmart) prices will drop as the market is flooded with newer models and higher stock levels. wish the british government had handed out coupons...