You know you're a Mom when you?

You know you're a Mom when you?

You know you're a Mom when you?


Most of it is true, some of it is gross though. (2, 9, and 10)


Not a mom but still so funny!! GOD BLESS!


Love it! And oh so true.


it true being a mom is hard work! God Bless and wishing you a good and safe Happy Thanksgiving


Mostly true, except in my house- No cordless phone, I threw it out when I finally found it I don't own sweats I'm allergic to peanuts so no peanut butter no pacifier, my son refused it so I gave it away I like to string the telemarketer along then tell them I'm bankrupt (mum discovered this really peeves them off!) I'm in bed by nine and am up at three I don't buy cereal- it goes stale I don't have a clue what a rice krispie is!


wow that was so true


wow thats great i love it



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