Who knows a promo code for

Who knows a promo code for

Who knows a promo code for


click on the microphone in teh upper corner and type in STEVENS,


Glenn That is a promo code. Just type GLENN in on the space provided.



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Can I Buy Generic Goods With Coupons That Are Name Brand?
No. Coupons aren't created by the grocery stores, they are created by the companies of those brands. Why would they make coupons that lets you use them on competitors products?

How can I make my shower/bath tub faucet stop dripping?
Take the knobs off - pull out the cartridge(s) - replace the o-rings - replace the knobs and viola! Go to Lowes or Home Depot - they will walk you through it step by step! Good Luck!

Has anyone know any websites for cheap tobaco & cigs?
I make me own, and (Natural American Spirit Cigarettes) will send you $25 in coupons for their loose or prepacked cigs! It's good (I use the turquoise original), no chemical additives, and loose it's cheap! (Prepacked is expensive) Check out the website! I got one $10 coupon...

Where can one find coupons for chocolate ice cream and soda?
Ice cream coupons are found in the newspaper fairly often. Soda coupons are usually peelies on the package, but you may be able to find them online as well. To find out if there is a coupon for an item out, go to: Click on master list, type CTRL + F on the...