Who knows a promo code for

Who knows a promo code for

Who knows a promo code for


click on the microphone in teh upper corner and type in STEVENS,


Glenn That is a promo code. Just type GLENN in on the space provided.



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Where can I get a coupon for a hamster cage tank topper?
I'm not sure where you could get a coupon..have you tried googling it yet? you could try I have looked at those too, and I personally wouldn't buy one because of the risk of the hamster falling from the top level, plus they are a lot of money! I'm pretty sure Petco and Petsmart...

Any coupon codes or discounts to save on Direct TV?
When I signed up for direct TV, I used ebates (which gave me a $45 discount). Its a site that gives out coupons towards promoting websites/services. Ive been saving alot using it. Here's a link to the information page (in case you are interested):

I have a 2005 Toyota Prius and the pipe that connects the catalyatic converter 2 the manifold is gone~?
Unfortunately, this sounds like it may have been a road hazard (you drove over something that broke it/knocked it off), rather than something that would be covered by the emissions warranty. Are road hazards covered by your auto insurance policy? If you really are missing a pipe that connects...

Where is the best place online to get free printable grocery coupons?
Check the websites for food manufacturers. grocery store websites (if you have stores near you that do Catalina machines-WinnDixie, FoodLion, Albertsons, Walgreens....