Which state should I go to to have fun?

Which state should I go to to have fun?

Which state should I go to to have fun?


I would probably guess NYC. I live in GA so I have been to about every city in FL a million times and am not impressed. I did just visit New Orleans for New Years and had an absolute blast and that is the city of friendly people. I made tons of friends in the short time I was there. It is a party city though. If you go to FL, go central or south just for some warmer weather since it is cool down there too. I have never been to NYC but I know it has more to do than any of the other cities.


Amsterdam alll the way


las vegas nevada




I love Austin, Texas actually. There are some great sites to see as well as its quite a party town. I have been there a couple of times and never disappointed. I love in NYC and there is a lot to see here as well. Depending how long you have to stay here is a great option too.



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