Where to find Food Lion coupons? ?

Where to find Food Lion coupons? ?

Where to find Food Lion coupons? ?


in the food lion ad


I quick checked and didn't see anything for this moment, but it might helpful to hold onto the link for future reference as they have coupons.



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I'm an avid couponer and generally save at least 50% at the store each time I go - and sometimes more. Last week I got $90 worth of stuff for $15 - and it wasn't useless junk (laundry detergent, cherries, milk, coffee, coffee creamer, dog treats, bug spray, neosporin, benodryl, band-aids...

How to access this coupon?
1) fill your shopping cart 2) go to 3) click on the coupon you want if this does not work, try this: 1) go to 2) click on the coupon you want 3) fill your shopping cart

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There is a lot of variation in prices between booking websites. I would check several to compare prices. Surprisingly the best deals are not always found on the cruise line website which makes no sense, but it still happens. I've included a link to one of the booking websites that I've used...