Where is the best online store to find tall (at least 34.5 inseam) pants in women's sizes?

Where is the best online store to find tall (at least 34.5 inseam) pants in women's sizes?

Where is the best online store to find tall (at least 34.5 inseam) pants in women's sizes?


J Crew... I know they have summer weight pants, because I have some, and they are 35" inseam.


I need tall sizes too. I have found them at Victoria's Secret (for jeans) and Lands End (for slacks). You can also order custom-made slacks from Lands End and JCPenney as well. Good Luck............I hope you find what you're looking for.

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Victoria Secrets has some pants that might fit. I'm not sure...check out their styles on the internet. They might fit.


You should try its really cool and they should have something... also try Banana Republic!


uuughh! I feel your pain! I usually buy my pants from The Gap. You can also check Chadwicks or Kohls, they usually have pants for talls.


Try Old Navy and Gap, I know they have tall pants and have larger sizes.



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