Where do you find free baby items?

Where do you find free baby items?

Where do you find free baby items?


Don't know about that specific area, but in general most larger rural areas have a few sources. A mission, Catholic Charities, churches. Well, you get the idea! Good Luck. -)


try (make sure to find city nearest you) they have a section for free stuff. They also have a wanted page. - Or you can check out their baby and kids page. You can find a lot of gently used items for cheap. You just have to look. good luck!



how about a BABY SHOWER!!!! do have family around you? im sure your familiy or freinds would love to help out! im having mine this month. or maybe churches or drives?.. good luck! baby boy on the way!


You can always try contacting companies for free samples. Check if there is a Freecycle group in your area, or near you - in our city, there are lots of baby things on there - but you must give, as well.



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