Whats the best dog food to give a dog?

Whats the best dog food to give a dog?

Whats the best dog food to give a dog?


I use Wellness Simple Solutions Venison and brown rice and my dog LOVES it. It does cost more but it is of way better quality. Wellness has all kinds of flavors check them out at Also another PLUS to WELLNESS is they were never affected by the recent pet food recall.


Pedigree is no good. Research the ingredients. It will make you sick to your stomach. I feed Not the best on the market, but certainly better than Pedigree. My dogs love it!


Check out and you can find out lots and lots of great foods. Some great foods are: Wellness Food Diet Innova Natures Variety Natures Logic Stay CLEAR of: IAMS Eukanuba (Pukanuba) Beneful Pedigree Good luck!


Here are some good foods Wellness Wellness CORE Ivonna Orijen Canidae Solid Gold Merrick Eagle Pack HOLISTIC Chicken Soup for the Dogs Lover's Soul Nature's Variety Taste of the Wild


This is the center of ongoing debate here. You can use this link to evaluate foods for yourself: Good luck!


Canadae is a really good food. That is what I feed to my dog.


I have tried every brand of dog food out there and finally found the right one- K9 Healthy Performance ( K9HP is a raw dog food which was thought up of by a retired K9 police officer. The food is quite nutritious for your dogs and contains several vitamins. My dogs love it.


This is just my personal opin of course and what i have heard and witnessed in dog fed this but - Raw diet. muscle meat, meaty bones, and organs. No fruits, no veggies. Fish/fish oils and eggs at you and your dogs preference.


I use Now! by petcurean. It is the only kibble dog food on the market made without rendered meats (meals) and is a great product. I have been so happy with it and do not know any dogs that do not like the taste. Another bonus you can feed much less of it. (And pick up way less too)


Pedigree is a really poor quality food. It's hard to say what /the best/ dog food is but there are some that are really good. Not all pet food is made equally. A lot of it is full of corn, by-products, dyes, unhealthy preservatives, filler grains and all sorts of nasty stuff. A lot of pet food companies are perfectly happy to dump cheap leftovers in. Will it kill your dog? No, it has to be nutritionally complete and safe to even be marketed. Is it healthy? Not by a long shot. Corn is a low quality ingredient you never want to see in your pet food. Corn and low quality grains are two of the biggest culprits when it comes to food allergies in our pets. Thankfully, there are some excellent dog foods being made these days that include organic, human grade ingredients rather than trash not fit for human consumption. Examples of low quality foods to avoid: Anything you can find in a grocery store will be low end, Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Royal Canin, Pedigree, Kibbles n' Bits, Beneful, Ol'Roy. Examples of high quality foods to look for: Innova, Wellness, Solid Gold, Canidae, Fromm, Merrick, GO Natural, Nature's Variety, Nature's Logic. Although the high quality foods are more expensive, you're getting what you're paying for. Less filler material means more concentrated nutrients... this means you typically need to feed far less of the high quality food than you would of the low quality one. Which also means less poop! A great option is to go with an entirely grainless diet. Many of the high quality foods now put out grainless formulas. Some good grainless diet's include: Innova EVO, Wellness CORE, Blue Wilderness, Nature's Variety Instinct, Orijen, Fromm Surf & Turf, Now! and Sold Gold Barking At The Moon. Some of the high end foods can be found in common pet stores. Petsmart carries Blue Buffalo products (such as the excellent grain free diet Blue Wilderness). Petco carries Wellness and Solid Gold. If you can't find a food, most of the high quality food brands have websites with store locators on them. Remember that foods should be switched gradually, especially when switching to a higher quality one, so as not to upset tummies. Another option for feeding dogs is to feed raw. This is something that should be thoroughly researched before being attempted: More on dog food: (Learn how to determine the quality of your dog's food.) (Dog food reviews. Anything with five or six stars is a great food.)



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