What is the setting of 'The Broken Chain' by Gary Soto?

What is the setting of 'The Broken Chain' by Gary Soto?

What is the setting of 'The Broken Chain' by Gary Soto?



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Any ideas for preventing reuse of coupon printed on plastic footballs?
i'd get a knife and just scratch it out a big scratch right thru the offer. there's also real permanent ink not sharpie, you find them in art supply stores. it's a type of pen or marker, that put on ink that cannot be washed off or chemically removed.

Does anyone know of a site to print and or recieve by mail cigarette coupons that actually works?
I've signed up with and marlboro too and I get coupons from the both of them pretty frequently that definately come in handy when the funds are super duper low. Besides getting coupons too, you can get free stuff sent to you if you redeem them in the advertisements that they send...

What could the problem be? I had a coupon for a free oil change at Firestone. Now my engine light has come on.?
There are thousands of reasons a check engine light comes on. You have to take to dealer with diag. machine. Most are not costly but some are. Do not be tricked into having someone turn off light without checking. Most are because of mods to engine or O2 sensors which will lower gas mileage...

Question on dividends?
Since preferred equity is senior to common, let's start there. Since these stocks are "cumulative" we first have to go back and pay all the dividends that have been due in the past. With a $5 par value and a 10% coupon, each share would get $0.50 a year -- or $1.50 for the three previous years...

Where do they sell Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food in Orange County California?
They sell that at the KROGERS grocery store by my house.