What is Ph.D?

What is Ph.D?

What is Ph.D?


Doctor of Philosophy


Philosophiae Doctorae is the Latin term which translates to "doctor of philosophy".


Doctor of Philosophy


Doctor of Philosophy


It is a degree you obtain after your masters. There is no "physical" meaning of it. It is the highest degree you can obtain, enough so that you can teach at a university level.


Doctor of Philosophy


Doctor of Philosophy is what PhD stands for. Some think it stands for Doctoral Physician, which is incorrect. You can go past this level of education, but they don't give out degrees in guruism.


I know the D stands for Doctorate. When people get them in their field their pre-fix goes from being Mr/Ms/Mrs to Dr. I plan on getting my PhD in Psychology


When u are awarded a higher level of master, PH D is a philosophy doctorate



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