What hotel to stay in Las Vegas?

What hotel to stay in Las Vegas?

What hotel to stay in Las Vegas?


I'd put them in order from best to worst: Mirage, MGM. TI, Luxor, Monte Carlo. I'd suggest Mirage since it is a good hotel and great location in the middle of the strip. If you go to the topless revue in Bally's, go for the better seats in the front section. The back section is level, so you can-'t see over people in front of you well. But the guys are actually bigger in the chest area than the girls- they are rather flat.


In terms of price, it would be Luxor, TI, Mirage, Monte Carlo, then MGM (cheapest to expensive) Its July, so expect to pay more than usual (summertime) Of all those places, MGM has the best pool (Wet Republic), and you need to get on the guestlist to get in there otherwise you may not get in. For Sports Book, I recommend MGM, but if you can, go to Mandalay Bay instead. All MGM properties will allow you to eat at their buffets for 24 hours for only $29.99. Its worth it, MGM owns most of the good casinos on the strip. I work at Mandalay Bay as a concierge and can help you with anything you need while in town (pools, topless revues, buffets, etc.) Just send me an email to my yahoo account, and Ill take care of you. I can do free admission anywhere


search out you trip, and make reservations. Some of those discounts packages take along time to process- probaly will book you in winter, not good. Any way, you can get a good room at Circus Circus. It's a family place, that's fun, and they have a great buffet. In Reno. I'm thinking the MGM would be the funnest, because they are the movie makers and might fun with that. I have been in there years ago, but I didnt see alot of Hollywood nostalgia. I Know, what gives ? Isnt he luxor about mummies or something, not me. harrah's and Caesars are my favorite, and, by the way, Circus Circus rreally does have non stop circus acts, trapeze artists that are a real kick. right in the middle of the Casino where every one can see, for " FREE " Topless ? You're thinking bars, strip clubs, and over priced beer. I wouldn't go there on my birthday. Some of the Casino's " Might " have a Night time show where you can check out the women, but I wouldn't know who.


In regards to "other great deals," I recommend the Crazy Horse Paris (formerly La Femme) at the MGM Grand. It's a topless revue but very classy and professionally choreographed. It's about $65 per ticket which is cheaper than the Cirque shows. Try the food at The Victorian Room at Bill's Gambling Hall & Saloon.


Luxor has good buffet and good price, fairly good sized sports betting area. The bottom line is you can always stay elsewhere and walk around to other places.....


== You can stay in these hotel ... = Staybridge Suites Las Vegas Area: 89118, Clark County, 89119 = SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand Area: 89109, Clark County, 89119


Flamingo has the BEST location, 5 of the NICEST pools and is fairly cheap.



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