What do they do with my phone number?

What do they do with my phone number?

What do they do with my phone number?



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Do anyone know where I can get coupons for pampers brand diapers?
go to the websites themselves. and they will start sending them to you. You can do this with pretty much all baby stuff. Including formula companies (if you formula feed).

AVIS e-coupon? I am looking to save a few bucks and i have never rented a car before?
No coupon here.Suggest you look online first and decide which rental firm has the best price and book it before you go to save money.If you just show up at the counter it will cost you a lot more.Also confer with your insurance carrier to be certain you are covered(most are).The rental company...

Is it true that Romanian women love wearing pantyhose and pumps whenever and wherever possible?.?
It is true that European wear Tights/Nylons etc. They really do know how to dress!! When I see a woman even if she is wearing Jeans and she has tights or especially nylons on, It looks so much more feminine and sexy and well dressed! Period! American women complain "They're a Hassle!", They're...

Need help finding coupons in Portland Oregon?
Travel Portland offers a coupon book with discounts on many of those attractions you mentioned above. However you'll need to book a hotel room to receive that discount. If you are planning on booking a hotel while you are in Portland, I would recommend looking at their site. Tuesdays zoo admission...

The North Face Coupon?
I always get mine at . Try there