Warped tour basics. bonner springs, ks july 9th. ?

Warped tour basics. bonner springs, ks july 9th. ?

Warped tour basics. bonner springs, ks july 9th. ?


Wear shorts and a tank top. A bikini underneath is optional, and a must are tennis shoes. Minimum makeup, hair in the ponytail. It's not a fashion show. Bring: Sunscreen, money ($40 if you don't plan to buy merch, $100+ if you do), your ticket (!!!), cell phone, a little bit of food, a sharpie, hand sanitizer,a small snack, a camera (no professional ones), cheap sunglasses, and a bag to keep your stuff in. Take one of those draw-string bags, so no one robs you, lol. Bring one water bottle. They take off the cap so keep one hidden in your shoe or bra. Water price depends, usually around $4. It's pricey! But stay hydrated, it's extremely important.



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