Traveling advice for Oahu Hawaii?

Traveling advice for Oahu Hawaii?

Traveling advice for Oahu Hawaii?


I loved Oahu when we were there. Trump is very new it was being built when I was there Feb. 08. Some other options for hotels would be the Royal Hawaiian, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Halekulani. My husband and I actually stayed at Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk which is a condo rental and we loved it- yes we were a block back from the beach but the room was great. We had our own kitchen so we were able to prepare small meals like eggs and toast for breakfast and save some money that way. Everything is more expensive in Hawaii you are on an island. I booked our activities directly with the place we were going. For instance we spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center I went on their website and booked with them. I think I filled out a survey and got like 5% off our admission or something like that. Pearl Harbor is free to go to the monument but if you want to go on the USS Missouri or the Bowfin you have to pay (don't remember how much). Our hotel had a reservation desk in the lobby where you could purchase these things the day that you wanted to go. My advise is don't over plan because you may want to spend more time at one activity than you originally thought. The only things I pre-booked were our sunset dinner cruise, and the Polynesian Cultural center that way we could do everything else when we wanted.


My husband and I wanted pretty much the same thing on our honeymoon. We found that Turtle Bay Resort on Northshore Oahu was the perfect place. It a massive resort on a HUGE piece of property. With the size of the property left plenty of places along the beach to "hide away" if you know what I mean. On top of that they have PLENTY to do there at the resort that unless you were going to do the tourist thing on the island there really isn't a reason to leave the resort. They have horseback, snorkeling, beach side personal massages in a little hut, 2 hot tubs, massive pools, and about 5 places to eat at the resort itself. It has a very laid back and Romantic feel to it. Especially at night. It was also where the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was filmed. We like to watch the movie now to remember our honeymoon. I would look into it! I give it an A+ and will be returning! Just google Turtle Bay Resort :) As for the activities... YES it is worth it! Turtle Bay has a helicopter tour that was remarkable! Ummmm snorkeling is a must, Pearl Harbor is a must, and you have to look into taking an ATV tour in Kualoa Ranch but do the 2 hour tour so you have time to "play". They take you through the huge valley where tons of movies were shot like Jurassic Park, Godzilla, and Pearl Harbor. Its a beautiful activity to do with your new wife. Congrats Oh and about the drive... I promise you will not mind the drive to anywere. Even if it does take an hour to get anywhere... YOU ARE IN HAWAII!!!!! Almost everywhere you go you will be driving along the coast line. It is all worth it.


Oahu is very nice. It is also very touristy, especially in the Honolulu Waikiki areas. if you like the nightlife, it is also the best of the islands to travel. The ocean water throughout the islands are usually between the lower 70s to lower 80s depending on the time of year of your visit. There are lots and lots of great shopping outlets in the Honolulu areas, food id generally expensive. Hawaii in general is expensive. Rent a car for the convenience of moving around and of being on your own schedule. You can however rely on public transportation as an alternative (The Bus). There are no subway systems, just buses, but fares are reasonable. Will will not have much luck getting a cab (in fact I cant remember the last time I saw a cab in Oahu (I hear they exist however). All the hotels you mentioned are actually known to be good hotels. The Trump is very new (less than 3 years old I believe). I recommend kayaking at the Lanikai Beach/ Kailua Beach, for a great experience. The beach is free you just pay for kayak rental (a few dollars). If you don't purchase them online, you will have plenty of opportunities to purchase tickets while you are on the island. Look out for discounts and coupons from some vendors while you are there. Plenty of hotels (including the ones you mention) will even sell tickets to attractions. You might be able to get a deal. If you want more information on some of the attractions and recommendations visit the travel guide. There are plenty of links also and you may be able to find a few coupons to discounted attractions. Good luck and enjoy your visit.



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