Today's Sponge Birth Control... Better than condoms?

Today's Sponge Birth Control... Better than condoms?

Today's Sponge Birth Control... Better than condoms?


It is effective for birth control but not as effective as a condom or diaphragm. It is a little round sponge that is soaked in spermicide that you shove up into you as you would if using a diaphragm (it has a little tab on it that helps you pull it out-- Not for the squeamish). The spermicide might numb you or your partner (and will numb your mouth if you get it into your mouth). Spermicides and antimicrobials for women have not been shown to be effective against preventing certain STDS, such as HIV. So if you're concerned about not passing bugs around, a condom is a better choice. I think they still sell the sponges in pharmacies.


Nothing is better than a condom to protect from STD's ETA ~ But to answer your question.. Today sponge is available at your local grocer,walmart, etc...its a just goes in!



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