Should I feed my 4 month old german Shepard puppy food or Royal Canine 24?

Should I feed my 4 month old german Shepard puppy food or Royal Canine 24?

Should I feed my 4 month old german Shepard puppy food or Royal Canine 24?


I feed my puppies royal canin babydog 30 (small breed) thats what my breeder fed them. Petsmart has Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy 30 Formula Dog Food. Can you give more info on why they think you are abusing your dog? LIKE IT SAYS ABOVE THEY MAKE PUPPY FOOD JUST FOR GERMAN SHEPHERDS!!! =)


Puppy Food


you should be feeding a puppy food and if not a puppy food an all life staged food. dogs should be on a puppy food for up to one year depending on if they are growing at the proper rate. puppy foods tend to have a higher protein and more fat. This helps them gain the proper weight and muscle. royal canin isn't a bad food, how ever it does contain fillers. and really the main difference between all of the formulas is the shape. they work hard to find a specific shape for all of the different breeds, not necessarily a different formula. it would be worth it to research some other foods such as... orijen - an all natural dog food containing 75% meat 25% veggies, one of the closest foods to the raw diet with all fresh ingredients, however some dogs cannot handle the high protein (40%+). and it does have a puppy and a large breed puppy formula. now (petcurean) - grain free, comes in a puppy formula, one of the only foods that does not contain any rendered meats (meaning that the meat is used within 24 hours) typically used for more active dogs because it does have a bit of a higher protein content (around 32%) go - "sister" food to now, all life stages food, not grain free and has less protein however it comes in chicken salmon and duck whereas the now only comes in salmon and turkey natural balance - another all life stages food. it come's in a great variety including chicken, venison, duck, lamb, fish. it is a hypoallergenic food meaning most of the formulas have one protein source and one carb. having fewer proteins along with no grains makes a more digestible food for dogs other great brands that are worth looking into include innova, wellness, firstmate, solid gold, taste of the wild, ect. avoid anything you can find at a store such as iams, purina, petigree. if you look at the ingredients one of the first few will be corn, corn gluten and a protein by-product. but don't confuse by product with meal. meal is simply the protein being drained of all it's moister then put into a food, whereas a byproduct is everything we really don't want to know about.


lol...were you expecting an answer from the dog? I can't honestly tell if you are asking a serious question or not. Are you abusing your Are there other, better choices than Royal my opinion yes.


You asked your dog? Okay. Good. He probably said he wanted some Purina.


Royal Canine is very expensive and doesn't seem to be much different to any other puppy food. Since I am in England I cant advise you on American pet food brands but just look for a puppy food that has meat as its first ingredient. Expensive is not necessarily the best. If you have found one and are not sure ask someone at the pet shop to advise you, thats what they're there for. My dog has wagg which is quite cheap because it does not have expensive packaging or big marketing campaigns. Its just good dog food.


Royal Canin is barely acceptable to feed your dog. You should be feeding him the puppy formula of a premium or ultra-premium food brand (Blue Buffalo, Solid Gold, Wellness, Innova, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance...). Make sure to change him over very gradually so as to not upset his stomach (the switch should be made over a couple of weeks).


The healthiest diet for a dog is one where you check ingredients to ensure corn is not the first one, and you keep wet food at a minimun. I personally used Iams Lamb and Rice for my rotty while he was alive - and he lived to a ripe age of 12! The reason you really want to watch the wet food is it can cause your pet to stink as well as give him or her more gas. Yes you can use Purina if you like, however it is up to you and your wallet.


hes a puppy right. give him puppy food .full stop.



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