Question on coupon policy?

Question on coupon policy?

Question on coupon policy?



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Where should we go aruba or hawaii?
Hi Azeret! Both are great places and have very different things to offer, but my pick of the two is def Hawaii. Aruba was nice too, but still Hawaii has a ton to offer. Here is a large post that I share with people who want to know the in's and out's about Oahu! Enjoy and have fun! Oahu is...

Homemade coupon ideas?
Well, you and your boyfriend are 'active', you could try interesting naughty coupons. Don't be afraid to get a little kinky! ^_^ Or you could go the more traditional route and do really helpful cute ones. Coupons for back and foot massages, watch whatever movie he wants to watch, you cook...

What is a good online vitamin store that I can buy supplements from for cheap? and get a $10 off coupon for them at to save money

Does anyone have the most recent Ann Taylor Loft Savings Card Code?
106020031 is for $25 off $50 purchase. I used a different code for 20% off last night b/c it saved me more money on two pairs of jeans! Happy Shopping! :0)

Can "store-specific" coupons (i.e. Walgreens, Officemax, etc) be used on military bases overseas?
No military base/post has Walmart or Office Max at all. They have commissaries (grocery stores) and exchanges (department stores) so no they cannot use store specific coupons unless it is for the commissary or Exhange itself. Also they are bot eligible for use in Alaska or Hawaii only will...