Question on coupon policy?

Question on coupon policy?

Question on coupon policy?



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What website can I get a park and fly coupon flying from Memphis tn?
This is a pretty good site! Hotel discounts also! Also, look for some hotels around Memphis that might use their parking lot for parking as well. They will have a shuttle as well.

Road trip along california rt1?
Hi! I did this trip last year. Drove from OR to San Diego Pacific Coast Highway 1. I did not take 101 but, 1. This is just a great drive the coast is beautiful and there is a ton of stuff to do. I did not book my hotels the whole trip the only place that I did book was San Diego. I did...

I had a real bad experience at walmart and im really MAD what can i do they are "calling me back"?
I used to work for Walmart. They should have done what you wanted. You went up to the register, in good faith, thinking that the diapers were the price stated. When corporate calls you, STAY CALM and reasonable. Tell them about your coupon, how the price was wrong, and how the manager wouldn't...

Where to buy viagra on line?
You can buy viagra on site: Best online pharmacy! * 10% discount for all next orders * The big assortment of our products is FDA approved and displayed at the lowest market prices. (500+ types products!) * Buy pills without a prescription. * We provide the fast worldwide shipping...

What do you feed your dog? Also, anyone who owns a small dog question?
Beneful has been causing seizures and death in dogs for some time now. I feed Fromm's. Go to a small pet store (i.e., not your grocery store, not PetCo/PetSmart) and talk with the people there about a more appropriate food choice for your dog. They...