Question on coupon policy?

Question on coupon policy?

Question on coupon policy?



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Husband broke tooth on glass in rice krispie treat
You will have a very, very difficult time proving in court that the glass was in the rice krispie and not just something you made up (not saying you made it up but the court needs more than your word for it). Chances of a successful suit against Kellogg is practically zero. If you call their...

Please help me if you can?
send out a coupon stating that free car wash with couple of bikini girls while you are enjoying free coffee in your car.... that will attracts so many pervs which it will bust your biz..

I got a message from Catherine Cook on myYearbook saying that i won money?
Myyearbook never gives away money. Delete it If they were giving away money they would have a big notice about it on their homepage

Can "store-specific" coupons (i.e. Walgreens, Officemax, etc) be used on military bases overseas?
No military base/post has Walmart or Office Max at all. They have commissaries (grocery stores) and exchanges (department stores) so no they cannot use store specific coupons unless it is for the commissary or Exhange itself. Also they are bot eligible for use in Alaska or Hawaii only will...

Similac isomil samples and coupons?
Why don't you try to breastfeed? Are you a new mom or do you have children already? Feel free to email me for breastfeeding tips. It really is the best for you and your baby. Good luck!