Ok where is the best place to get an oil change walmart midas ect. help?

Ok where is the best place to get an oil change walmart midas ect. help?

Ok where is the best place to get an oil change walmart midas ect. help?


check out


Your driveway. And that's the truth. It cheaper to do oil changes yourself rather than paying to go somewhere else to get it done and pay extra. Here are a few general steps. Check your manual for the recommended oil and the oil capacity. Go to walmart or any auto parts retailer and buy the type you need in bulk. (Like 20L pail vs 5L jug) Check to see if they have the oil filter used for your car and purchase 1 of those as well. I buy mine bulk from donaldson. Drive the car for a few minutes so the oil temperature reaches operating temperature Park it , pull the parking brake, jack your car up, put it on jack stands and throw a brick / block behind the wheel so it won't move on you. Find the drain plug under the car, place the drain pan under it to catch the oil (make sure it can hold at least the oil capacity), undo the oil drain plug while keeping it pressed against the engine. When ready pull out the plug (already loose but held in place) and a stream of oil should come out. Make sure it's gets in the pan. Once the oil has stopped dripping. Unscrew the old oil filter. Add a bit of oil to the oring on the new filter and screw it hand tight. With a belt or something tighten it an additional 1/4 turn. Replace the plug, open the oil cap and refill with the oil capacity that's in your manual. A funnel helps. Wait for a few minutes and check the dipstick to make sure you have enough. Clean up and bring the oil and filter to a local waste disposal site. I have space in my garage to keep it for 1 year and dispose of it all at once. I change my oil all the time and filter, every other oil change. It's a simple process and can save you a lot of money. Especially if you own a foreign car like mine. (Volvo s80) But if you can't do it, call ahead for quotes and go to the cheapest place to get ripped off. Good luck.


walmart will be the best bet, they are fast and cheap. At least my local wal-mart is. With Wal-Mart its really like a safe bet there,



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