List ideas for cost saving?

List ideas for cost saving?

List ideas for cost saving?


General practical use of money to maintain a satisfactory living style and the best long term financial outlook involves several factors. There are sources to find what % of your income should be spent for food, shelter, transportation, services, clothing, recreation, giving, saving. When you determine the categories you need money for, then you can assign the dollar amount for each group. This will enable you to prioritize so that you spend money on the most important and then have options if there are dollars left. Another basic is making decisions regarding quality and high/low-line items. .Whether it's clothes or cars, there are different levels and price ranges. You may opt to drive an older well-maintained auto that costs less to insure, or you may splurge on the red sports car that will feed your emotional quotient while draining your budget. Think ahead about how you wish to increase your capacity/control down the road. Allow for the unexpected. Find a good book on budgeting. Talk with someone who has been successful with living well within his/her means. Evaluate your budget and look for changes and corrections. Find ways to have pleasure by appreciating the simple, available venues we sometimes overlook. A trip to the park or museum costs little- giving your time and expertise as a volunteer uses your talents and fills the hours you might be spending big bucks at the casino.



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