Is there a difference between getting an oil change at GoodYear and the Honda dealer?

Is there a difference between getting an oil change at GoodYear and the Honda dealer?

Is there a difference between getting an oil change at GoodYear and the Honda dealer?


It's pretty safe to assume that just about anywhere you go other than a dealer will be cheaper. The only way to know the type of oil they use is to ask at where ever you have the oil change done. Generally, it's not good to go to any of the chain type auto service places. Independent shops are the best.


The dealer is always more expensive, I am not sure what kind of oil goodyear uses where you are but as long as it is synthetic then you are fine. Honda actually uses genuine honda motor oil and I hate it. It either don't last as long or is crap because it is way blacker at changing time (On TIme) I now use Castrol synthetic and when I change it on time it is not a bad, bad color. I would take it to good year, as long as it synthetic


You could go to the cheaper place but I would recomend taking your own oil. I was told by my technician that the oil in the bottles is way better then it coming out of the tank. Also Honda may charge more but they also are better equipped to know what problems may have and tell you about them since they only work on hondas.


Major brands of engine oil ALL have to meet manufacturers test limits, so they are all basically good. So no, save the $$$ & go to Goodyear. Just don't be surprised if they 'Find' another problem ....


Well, maybe go and inquire to both people what oil they use. If it's Mobil One, Pennzoil, or any other high quality brand, then go to the cheaper place. If not, just stick with Honda.


most quicklube services use subpar oil filters and low quality oils factory oil filters will almost always be better



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