Is the starter on my ford focus covered by warranty?

Is the starter on my ford focus covered by warranty?

Is the starter on my ford focus covered by warranty?


What "Eleanor Baby " said... take it to the Ford dealer, It will be covered free of charge.


It should be covered but only a ford dealership does warranty work on ford products,best bet is to contact the place of purchase they may repair it for you or refer you to a ford dealership.


Phone both prior to making the decision for this reason: The Ford dealership, although more expensive that a place like Pep Boys, knows Fords. The little tweaks that may be needed, although doubtful with a starter, may be known at the dealership. The Chevy dealership may do the work free, since it is almost certainly part of the power train. (From the engine to the axles, including the transmission.) You are covered, more than likely. I"f you are short on cash, you could call Auto Zone or Checkers. Starters are sometimes easy to replace.



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