Is Flipkart reliable to buy a cell phone?

Is Flipkart reliable to buy a cell phone?

Is Flipkart reliable to buy a cell phone?


Yes, Flipkart is really reliable to get a mobile I want to suggest you to use Flipkart Coupons, so that you can save your money Visit for more flipkart coupon codes.


As i know, flipkart is one of the best online shopping websites in India. It is offering Mobiles at very discounted price. It is very trusted website.


Hi,dear.As I like the technology news,I read about the FlipKart of India in the time of India!I think it must be trustable and reliable!Good luck in your good choice!


Yes, Flipkart is a very good website for buy mobile phone and other products. But don't forget to check discount offer on that particular product before buy anything. If you want to know latest offers on flipkar store then I have suggest you to use website. I always use this website for finding latest discount offers.


Flipkart is pretty much reliable and the service is good as well I recently bought a Laptop for 40k amazing stuff... and no issues with delivery either... But it is advised that you compare prices with other vendors as well...


My friend bought a mobile phone, but he got only the carton not the cell phone. I guess he got the lottery.. lol:) My advice is that you buy at a store.. I'm not defaming flipkart but it did happen..


There seems no reason for flipkart to be not reliable after all it is India's most popular shopping website. You can check the Alexa rank and it isnow coming amongst the top 10 website of India - They have a very robust customer service system and have been growing quite quickly. So I do not see any reason why they should not be trusted by the users to shop. On the other hand they do not indulge in coupon distribution and have rather focussed on keeping the prices on tab and have given some discounts or the other through their own websites for reference you can check -


Yes Flipkart is one of the best online shopping site in India. they are providing offer, coupons


Flipkart is the best online store for electronics like mobiles, tablets and laptops. But, before buying from flipkart, you need to check the seller profile, rating, feedback and return policy. Use coupons before buying from flipkart.



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