Is better to book tour or just buy MuniPass in SF ?

Is better to book tour or just buy MuniPass in SF ?

Is better to book tour or just buy MuniPass in SF ?


If it's your first time in San Francisco, I would suggest a tour instead of just using a Muni pass. The Muni can be really confusing for first time users, and having lived here for a few years I still get lost or get off at wrong stops every once in awhile. Besides, it's always nice to have a guide show your around a city that you're not familiar with. If nothing else reserve a free day or two to do a bit of exploring yourself, but let a guide show you some of the highlights.


'a car nut' and others have given good advice. I'll just add that you want to be sure that you'll visit all or most of the stops on the City Pass for it to make sense economically. There is also a Go San Francisco Card and a Wharf Pass. If you choose the Wharf pass and only visit the less expensive options you won't save much money if any. The Go San Francisco Card can be a good option, especially a multi-day card because there are 45 + attractions and tours included to choose from. Again your choices will determine what savings you get. One down side is that you may rush from one attraction to another trying to get the most for your money. I do highly recommend the double decker hop-on, hop-off tour. The Downtown Loop is currently just $20 for 48 hours of unlimited use and can be a good way to get an overview of The City before heading out on your own. Tours really come in handy for out of town visitors who want to see sights near, but outside of, SF such as the Wine Country, Yosemite or Monterey and Carmel. is another good resource for San Francisco information. I publish this online travel magazine so am somewhat biased toward it --)


San Francisco is one on the easiest cities to travel through because its not large and there is so many ways to travel, (BART, muni, cable cars) Get yourself a good city map and decide after you look around if you want a tour. Once you understand how the streets work you will have no problem getting around. Definitely go the the Ferry Building Farmers Market, good restaurants and shops. Another idea is to take a ferry over to Sausalito. Enjoy!


Go for the MuniPass! The tours tend to yank people around form place to place trying to jam everything in at once. With the MuniPass you can take your time and really enjoy the sites. San Fran is a beautiful place and it deserves to be savored. Also in January it weather is cold yet kinda mild. Pack a some medium weight sweaters and of course some comfy boots. You will be doing a ton of walking.



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