Im low on cash. what can i get my dad for christmas:) ?

Im low on cash. what can i get my dad for christmas:) ?

Im low on cash. what can i get my dad for christmas:) ?


i got my dad a keyring that holds 60 pictures for 17.99 Also ties are nice, Candles, after shave, and peppermint bark thats home made, its amazzing


Get him aftershave, colonge, Shaver. Some aftershaves are pretty cheap



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If a photography company is using my infants picture on coupons without my permission can i sue?
Absolutely. They may argue you signed something with fine print, boilerplate, agreeing to it, but that's beatable in court.

Tampax Pearl or U by kotex click tampons? 10pts!?
I agree, Tampax Pearl or Playtex Sport. I use them both for basketball, track, or swimming. They don't leak and they are comfy.

Does anyone know any coupon codes for cincinnati reds tickets?
Did you check this link:

Hello! Does anyone know where you can get Pampers coupons? (Beisdes the website?)?
Not sure if your looking to buy them in a store or online, but has the Pampers Swaddlers in that size. They also have a $3 off coupon. With our 2nd and 3rd child, I starting buying diapers online in bigger quantities. If you buy $50 of dialers from them, you can also get it shipped...

What is cheaper, buying generic or buying brand name using coupons?
Well, what I do is I compare the price of the name-brand with a coupon to the generic price and I buy whichever is less. For example if a box of Cheerios is on sale and I have a coupon it will cost $1.00, the store brand costs $1.50, then obviously Im going to get the name-brand Cheerios....