Ideas for sex coupons....?

Ideas for sex coupons....?

Ideas for sex coupons....?


ew you look like your 12. Oh now lets not lie to yourself now. =)


list different types of sex anal oral or things u can do in the nude


LoL. You should have sex monopoly.


:) I like you're Idea, I wish more women would think similar -) Have fun and stay safe. :)



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Coupons for Breeze tidy cat littler box?
Hi there... Sometimes by contacting the manufacturer's directly, they will issue a coupon to their consumers. I've done this with several cat products.

How do you get Marriott Hotel discounts?
There's a online coupon for the Marriott that you can print up that gives you $49 off the regular price room. I'm not sure if that works out to be better than what you got already. You can find the coupon on the Marriott website or get the direct link

Links for $ saving coupons or free baby stuff?
Congrats on your baby! Below are some of my favorites from when I was pregnant 12 years ago. Back then, I made phone calls or mailed in postage paid reply cards. Almost all of them will send coupons by mail. Some will send samples too. Be sure to buy your local newspaper's Sunday edition...

Where is the coupon code on a visa gift card?
there is no coupom code there is cvv number is that what you mean? [aka cvc] it will be on the back of the card near the signture line

Printable coupons not working in grocery stores?
Maybe it's your ink? It is just one store or have you tried a few? try to print a little darker since it could be the barcode is not picking up. Try another store first and if you have the same problem then it's quality of your printer. mx