I need help!?

I need help!?

I need help!?


Make her breakfast. Or a booklet of chores you will do for her.



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Is grizzly switching to all metal lids?
Well if it came with a metal lid in addition to the regular plastic one it's probably a limited time thing. If it's a heavy duty or fancy one it may be worth something to a collector if left in the package a few years down the road. Actually some of the Copenhagen ones are worth a bit after...

Never been to New Orleans? What to do over 4 days?
You don't need a car to explore New Orleans- the streetcars and buses can get you near many places you would want to go and many companies that offer tours to swamps and plantations provide pickup and dropoff at your accommodations. It'll probably be hot and humid then so bring a hat, and have...

Looking for a dell discount coupon?
Actually, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is $250 USD plus tax and shipping. I don't know where you can get coupons for it but that sounds affordable.

Does anyone have a promo code for a David's bridal outlet (online) bridesmaid dress?
Here's one: 120431060108020 I'm kind of confused by your question. Are you trying to buy a bidesmaid dress or a dress to wear to the wedding as a guest? Anyway, this promo code came on a coupon when I received my wedding dress. It is for $20 off of bridesmaid dresses. My MOH used it, but...

Babies r us post shower coupon ?
Unless they changed it in the past year and a half, we got a coupon for 10% off right around my due date and good for 90 days - but it was only good on our left-over registry items so if you think of any additional things you need or want to pick up some more supplies, be sure to add them to...