I have really short eyelashes. mascara doesnt help? help meeee?

I have really short eyelashes. mascara doesnt help? help meeee?

I have really short eyelashes. mascara doesnt help? help meeee?


apply vitamin E oil to your eyelashes to stimulate growth. This vitamin is known to cause hair growth and sooth scalp irritations, so if you have eyelash loss due to irritation, this may reverse it. Apply the oil to your eyelashes with a clean eyelash brush. The act of brushing your lashes regularly may also stimulate growth.


Try Mary Kay's Lash Lengthening Mascara Http://


blink into the brush or use clear mascara, it will seperate the lashes.


dior mascara is excellent, you should do it really slowly, get the top bit of the mascara brush and put mascara on each induvidual lash, this avoids it going onto your skin, then when your eyelashes are a bit longer do it how you usually do but slower, this should work, it works for me, sorry if i havent explained it well


Try using some kind of maybellen mascara and put like 5 or 6 coats on. You could try getting eyelash exstentions or try using fake eyelashes!


hi you can try this one: with videos in how to apply makeup step by step it really worked for me



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