How much spending money for 10 day trip to dallas?

How much spending money for 10 day trip to dallas?

How much spending money for 10 day trip to dallas?


Although Dallas has both train and bus service it only goes to a few suburbs, and it doesn't go to Arlington. Taxi rates are about the same as any place, but the Metroplex is so spread out that taking a taxi would be expensive. I really think you'd be better off to get a rent car - just get a mid-size or smaller if you want to save money. If you go to places to eat like On the Border, Olive Garden, Red Robin, Spring Creek Bar-B-Que, Mimi's Cafe, Chili's or B J's Brew Pub you can get an entree for $10 each. Steak Houses will cost more. Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor are both closed on weekdays beginning Aug 22, so you'll have to go there on Sat or Sun. There's more shopping malls per capita in Dallas than any other place in the nation so you can shop till you drop. The Galleria on LBJ Freeway (635) & the Dallas North Tollway is a nice mall and it also has an ice skating rink if you want to give it a try or get a drink and sit a watch a while. A couple miles north of DFW Airport, in Grapevine, there's a discount mall, Grapevine Mills, at Hwy 121N and Grapevine Mills Pkwy. While you're in Arlington at Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor you could go to a new outdoor shopping center with wonderful stores and restaurants. It's called the Highlands, and is on I - 20 just east of Matlock.


Partly agree/disagree with first answer. Public transportation in Dallas is terrific and Ft. Worth is good. Distances are so great that taxis are expensive and if you are staying in the middle - unless you are very near a TRE station, it will cost the amount of one day's (carefully selected) car rental to make a one way trip to either Dallas or Ft. Worth. Check out lower rental rates for a week. I consider the place you are planning on going to be costly per person although they have a "season ticket" for about the cost of two daily visits. Besides the Galleria for shopping, you probably want to hit Northpark a few miles north of downtown, but depending where you are from, Lord and Taylor, Neiman Marcus, etc. may seem ordinary. Both Galleria and Northpark are on line. The middle has lots of other "touristy stuff" Take a look at Grapevine, north of the Airport with a furnace/offhand glassblowing studio, outlet stores and other tourist and shopping places. As for cost - the things I like to do are nearly free and I might eat one really nice meal every couple of days for which I would budget $25-30 without drinks. I buy groceries.


Public transportation and taxis are not very good in Dallas. If you are not staying close to your attractions and the hotel does not have a free shuttle you will probably need a rent car. Eating is not expensive there are lots of reasonable places to eat, not counting the fast food places. You can probably get a deal on a rent car on the internet. You can get by on $100 per day per person depending on what you mean by plenty of shopping, there is no limit to plenty of shopping. You want to go to the Galleria in North Dallas, and the museums in Ft. Worth. Depending on your interests will determine what you want to visit while here.



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