How much, on average, can I expect to pay for a hotel room?

How much, on average, can I expect to pay for a hotel room?

How much, on average, can I expect to pay for a hotel room?


It varies from type of the hotel/motel you want to stay. I paid $700 in a luxury hotel rooms in DC, and $149 for a hotel across from it a week later. The best way to do a road trip is to plan one. You should plan your rout first, then go online and shop for the hotel. Hotel business has been bad, therefore, you maybe able to get good deals online. If you decide just start your trip without hotel reservations, then I will suggest you to look for motel such as motel 6, super 8, red roof inn, etc, they should cost you less than $50 a night, sometimes even in $30's. These rooms are not as comfortable as a typical hotel, it is much cheaper. By the way, major city may have stiffer competition, therefore, the rate maybe better than rural town's motel rate.



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