How do you freshen up your home- candles, sprays, incense, oils?

How do you freshen up your home- candles, sprays, incense, oils?

How do you freshen up your home- candles, sprays, incense, oils?


Don't overdo it. You get used to the scents after a while but to people who don't spend as much time in the house as you do, it's a bit like being hit in the face with a perfumed brick... Secondly - to avoid smoke from oils you are better off using hot water in an oil burner. The glass electric ones are just an accident waiting to happen - and they are known for starting fires. The other option is to use soy wax scented candles instead of the more usual paraffin. Less smoke, more scent, and they last longer! Also make sure any oils you use are essential oils only, NOT fragrant oils. These are blended with a carrier oil that is often cheap and low quality to keep the price down. So you will find that the scent doesn't last and you get a lot of smoke from them. The aim is steam, not smoke. Some handy hints: - When you vacuum make your own "shake and vac" by combining bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Prepare it in a plastic bottle in advance, then shake a fine layer over the carpet a half hour before you vacuum. The bicarb will help absorb lingering odours as well like the smoke, pet smells, old cooking, etc. - Another thing you can do with the vacuum cleaner is to remove the filter that sits over the outgoing vent, add a few drops of essential oil to it and make sure it is THOROUGHLY DRY BEFORE REPLACING AND USING! - In the kitchen: I prefer citrus scents in the kitchen so whenever you clean in there, quarter a lemon and simmer it in a pan on the stove. The scent drifts through the house. (Also there is nother better for cleaning the inside of a kettle than to fill it as high as you can and throw in a chopped fresh lemon, then boil it a couple of times. You'll be amazed!) - Bathroom is easy - reed diffusers ( do a really nice lime one) on the windowsills and when you wash your towels, instead of fabric softener use a cup of vinegar and a few drops of your EO of choice (again citrus or lavender are great in bathrooms). - Bedroom you can use oil burners but for a more tailored, individual scent I personally use hot water and fresh herbs/flowers etc in my oil burners - then I can choose my combinations to suit my mood. ie: lavender and chamomile for a good night's sleep, peppermint oil and lime or lemon to refresh and revive, orange zest, sandalwood oil and fresh crushed black peppercorns for... (ahem)... company -) You get the idea! The key is more in ensuring that your cleaning products don't leave a stinky chemical residue - the orange oil based ones are great, and I use vinegar to clean nearly everything, it's awesome on the stovetop. If your scents aren't working to cover up an unpleasant smells, they also don't have to work as hard to make the place smell good.


rather than burning oils (which leave black residues on everything)....try putting your oils onto a cloth and placing it on top of your heating unit filter....that way when the heat will blow through the oil soaked cloth and spread the scent throughout your well and lasts.....


I personally dislike those oil plug in air fresheners. First, they cover smell not remove it. But for a nice smell, I, every summer/fall take all the flowers from outside, dry them and make little bags of potpourri then place one in each AC/heater register, If your worried about them falling below reach, take a thread and tie it to the register. That is all natural, cost me nothing extra, (garden does cost to keep up), and works like a dream all winter long. Spring and summer, I leave windows open, fresh air is better than any stinky plug in. I must add though, we have a smoker and sometimes it is too cold to go outside, so we use the candle/oil air freshener in those cases, so, I am a hypocrite...


Do be careful that you don`t `over-do` these artificial scents - people may think you are trying to hide something! Sometimes they become a bit over powering, especially if you are using the ones that emit a certain amount of smoke. I sometimes use Ambi Pure...fresh linen,(they do a decent range) I also use`After the Rain` room freshner in the bathrooms, rather than the aerosol type - which I think are a bit heady. When I`m ironing I spray Lily of the Valley or Lavendar room spray on the sheets. (lovely) You can make your own room sprays by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils to some water in a spray bottle. See which you like the best.


Ask smelly people to leave :-P


Hi!, you know? my wife and I are addicted to the different fragances of creams and hand soaps from Bath & Body Works and recently we tryed the "wallflowers"which are the glass bulbs you plug to an electric outlet and slowly release the fragance of your preference and there is a wide variety to choose from. You have to buy the wallflower unit but there's a kit that includes a unit and a bulb. Give it a try!



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