How do I save money on car tires?

How do I save money on car tires?

How do I save money on car tires?


A trick I've learned from ultra frugal dad is to check the tire shops' websites for deals. A lot of time you can print off some good coupons from their that will save you a lot of money.


The biggest thing is how you drive! I can chew up a set of 50000 mile tires in 12000 miles or I also can drive so that they last 70000 miles. I know I have done both. But buying "cheap tire" is no solution, nor is always buying the most expensive. When buying tires there are several ways they are rated, tread wear is one of them. So if tread wear is your major concern, buy tires with the highest tread wear rating. True they don't grab as well in the corners, but if you want to save money on tires you should not be driving fast enough through a turn to have to worry about that.


Tire prices in just the last 12 months alone have increased an average of 25% industry wide due to raw materials shortages, increased shippings costs, etc. Fill rates (the number of tires shipped vs. the number of tires ordered by retailers) are currently running a pathetic 60% resulting many tires being very difficult to get. So yes, tires are more expensive than the last time you bought them.


about the only things you can really do is get alignments rotate the tires every other oil change check there inflation every time you get gas other then that there really isn't much you can do, its like oil and antifreeze every car needs those and tires, they are they only things that touch the ground while your driving but usually if you do these things a set of tires should last 50,000 to 75,000 miles depending on the tire and company



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