How do I get started saving with coupon cutting?

How do I get started saving with coupon cutting?

How do I get started saving with coupon cutting?


how' bout this...your own 24 hour rebate mall 1. Sign up - All you need is an email address and membership is always free. (no subcription :) 2. Begin browsing --over 700 major retail stores 3. Receive Money Back - Always have access to your account to view your calculated your cash discounts and alway and we immeditely mail you your checks. You'll have 24-7 access to your online discount/cash back site on: -food, lodging, major store products, sport, airline and concert tickets, cruises, resorts, car rentals, group packages and more!


The first step is to understand that you don't even have to spend your days clipping coupons. You can download mobile coupons and store them in your cell phone via your mobile wallet and then present them for use at the check out just like paper coupons. It saves time and space and is very convenient.


Those moms are all buying national brands for convenience items that not everyone uses (e.g., Hamburger Helper). We buy generic most of the time, so coupons are useless. Compare the price of the national brand less the coupon, with the generic brand price. Often the generic will still be cheaper. But that's how they do it. also, they spend LOTS of time reading grocery ads and going from store to store to buy what's on sale. They probably have HUGE pantries, too, so they can stock up. Those moms make it their profession and spend LOTS of time comparison shopping. You too can do this if you don't have a job.


Only use coupons for things you need. Use them when the item is on sale



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