Has anyone tried 4Health dog food?

Has anyone tried 4Health dog food?

Has anyone tried 4Health dog food?


I feed Diamond Naturals which cost about$30 for a 40# bag. Last time I was at TSC the 4Health was on sale so I picked up a bag of puppy formula. I was disappointed! I compared it to the bag of Diamond Naturals Large breed puppy at home (that was cheaper for a larger bag) and wouldn't ya know it...the ingredient list was exactly the same (except no salt added to 4health) Otherwise, order of ingredient, calories etc was all the same. With that said, I am pleased with Diamond Naturals. Just thought I would pick up a bag of this to try it out and compare. ADD>Diamond, Diamond Naturals, 4Health, Chicken Soup, Taste of the Wild are ALL Diamond products amongst a few others I did not mention. Yes, Diamond was involved in the was Diamond High Energy. So were a lot of other dog food involved in this recall included SD, Canadia and the list goes on. The main culprit that was killing the dogs was toxic grain in the dog food.



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