Good websites for coupons, please!?

Good websites for coupons, please!?

Good websites for coupons, please!?


So there are three you and you are spending $200 a week on food? You need more help than coupons. Let me guess, you are only buying name brand stuff. You are also buying lots of snack/junk food. Am I right? Tell your mom to throw away the microwave and learn how to actually cook. No more frozen dinners, no more chips, no more soda, no more cookies. Stop buying the high priced name brand junk. You will suddenly find your bill cut in half. Start shopping at discount stores. Higher prices don't always mean better taste. A can of corn is a can of corn. A bag of beans is a bag of beans.


I belong to a group on facebook: Coupon Crazzies



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Does anyone know where I can find a coupon or discount for the Barkley Pet Hotel in Ohio?
search google. or sign up for their newsletter, most places send 10% off coupons to new customers.

How can I find some good amazon promotion codes for Feb 2012?
Here are some coupons that probably satisfied for your requirement. 1. Baby Gourmet Purees Promotional Code. Save 35% off sold by 2. Kashi Promotional Code,Up to 35% off products sold by 3. Coffee, Tea & Cocoa -20% to 60% off. I found at here:

Do all stores give you the max value for BOGO coupons?
Speaking from experience, No not all stores will give you the max. Most cashiers will manually type in the sale price of the item. CVS does because of how their system is set up. Which is why I love redeeming those BOGO coupons there :-)

So i'm printing out a coupon for hobby lobby..?
I just looked at the online coupon and it's "3911!" The only differentiation I think might happen when you print it out is that there will be a barcode included which will be unique to your computer/isp in some way, which would invalidate any other coupons printed. I've also seen elsewhere...

Can't find cheap flower delivery in New York?
Try - here is a discount code you can use , just search google.