Good websites for coupons, please!?

Good websites for coupons, please!?

Good websites for coupons, please!?


So there are three you and you are spending $200 a week on food? You need more help than coupons. Let me guess, you are only buying name brand stuff. You are also buying lots of snack/junk food. Am I right? Tell your mom to throw away the microwave and learn how to actually cook. No more frozen dinners, no more chips, no more soda, no more cookies. Stop buying the high priced name brand junk. You will suddenly find your bill cut in half. Start shopping at discount stores. Higher prices don't always mean better taste. A can of corn is a can of corn. A bag of beans is a bag of beans.


I belong to a group on facebook: Coupon Crazzies



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Are there any jobs out there for people who like coupon clipping/saving money?
You could always start your own blog about saving money. Or you could look at major coupon websites and see if they are hiring. This company owns a bunch of coupon sites and they are hiring for a community manager (someone to do facebook and forums and stuff like that) http://www.smartrecruiters...

Who has COUPONS for Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades?
Such a high mark up on shades and blinds, any one can price match, coupons or not. So stop trying to promote yourself here, its not what this site is for.

Does anyone know the name of that book found at roadside rests that has coupons for cheap hotels..need name i?
yes it is America travel coupons can be printed off here if you don't have a book There is another one too but I forget the name of it

Pizza Hut.... question about coupon?
the supreme is a specialty, but to get it with stuffed crust would be a dollar more, so it would end up being 11.99

Ford Focus 2008 issues - help please!?
Hi Melissa_! I know you are looking for tips on the causes of your issues, so I recommend bringing your Focus to the dealer for diagnosis. They will be in the best position to resolve your concerns. Before you go, make sure you check out for any service...