Fleas for six months! Help!?

Fleas for six months! Help!?

Fleas for six months! Help!?


go to other vet coz my kitten had the same problem but now she's fine only gave me a bottle of a liquid which i mixed wid water n applied on her body and now she's flea-proof... !!!


You have a serious problem Fleas can terrible in certain areas. When I was young I house set one summer in my friends home on the beach in San Francisco. They had a little dog and told us not to let him out because of the flea infested beach, I pains me to say that after they returned exhausted and glad to be home, they had to stay in a motel and have he exterminators in. Thy never liked me for the rest of their lives. You may have to do the same thing. If you put your bare foot on their carpet your leg would be black with fleas instantly. I hope your problem is not as bad as that was, but they are so small youi never know they are there until too late....and they carry diseases. Good luck and my heart is with you.



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