Effexor and lorazepam questions Please help?

Effexor and lorazepam questions Please help?

Effexor and lorazepam questions Please help?


It's just adverse effects. You need to be medically supervised when you are coming off a benzo, such as lorazapam. Did your doctor tell you to withdraw from them or was this your own decision? Withdrawing from medication can be very difficult and dangerous, especially addictive ones like lorazapam.




Question one why would someone be prescribed to both of these at the same time effexor is an antidepressant and a ssri and the Ativan is as well a antidepressant. I would have tried to detox from one of the other at a time slowly. These symptoms are just some of the things that happen during detox of any medication of the sort including opiates. The cramping will go away but you may want to discipline your body as far as what you eat at least for a couple of weeks til your body adjusts to the major chemical changes it's going through. If you can go through all these withdrawals cold turkey without lowering your mental state I'm proud of you but if too many complications arise I would suggest seeing a doctor to discuss a different plan with your meds.



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