Does anyone know how I can get a discount or coupon for Best Western Hotel?

Does anyone know how I can get a discount or coupon for Best Western Hotel?

Does anyone know how I can get a discount or coupon for Best Western Hotel?

slkusractspeedsgirl31 has always given me cheap rates...


Try going to hotel lobbies by airports or rental car agencies lobbies, they have racks full of coupons for anything a tourist may need, of course incl. motels.


call and ask best western


try this site and stay cheaper than a hotel... you pick the area and then find your lodging.. you will love this site...good luck


Check at a visitors center in your area or the area you are traveling - they often have coupon booklets that you can pick up at no charge- you will find discount coupons for many of the hotels and restaurants in the area


I don't know.

slkusractG this has coupons you can print. not knowing where you are going this is the best I can do. the travelcoupon books are also mostly in the rest stops on the interstates



unless you wait for a slow season, or a special event sale, the only thing i can suggest would be to check out hotwire, orbits, etc. and see what the best rate would be. then, call a travel agency and see if they can help you out, and take the best price with the best package.



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